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How To Release A Single

There are a few stages involved in releasing a single – the main ones are recording, mastering, and distribution, but it’s also important to consider PR & promotion, and making sure your release is registered with collection societies.

Technology has played a massive role in increasing the options available to artists at lower costs for these processes – and therefore an artist can record and release a single for very little cost.

There are many options available for recording for artists – if you have the right equipment, you can record your single in your bedroom – but if you’re looking for a professional recording studio in Glasgow, we can highly recommend Gorbals Sound, who have a special offer for unsigned artists.

Once you have your mixed recordings, the next stage is to get these mastered – this is the process of converting the final mix into a production master, ready for duplication. In ‘physical’ terms, this means making a master copy from which to create CD copies, and whilst not strictly necessary for digital-only releases, having tracks mastered will add ‘polish’ to the final mix to create an optimum sound, so it is recommended.

We have a blog specifically covering the mastering process – click here to read it.

We can highly recommend Alchemy Mastering’s eMastering facility for this part of the process, and you can even order mastering from Alchemy through your EmuBands account (just select the ‘Mastering’ menu item), at a special rate. It is important to have your finished recordings in the required format for digital release – click here to see the audio format specifications from our FAQ page.

Once you have your finished (and mastered, if applicable) recordings, then you’re ready to distribute your single, and that’s where EmuBands comes in.

How do I release a single with EmuBands?
The first step to releasing your music is to register with EmuBands and create your free account. You can do this by simply clicking here!

You will be assigned a named account manager who will be happy to help you throughout the process of distributing your single.

Through the admin area of your account you will be able to add releases, finalise them and make payments. The process should take around five to ten minutes for a single.

All that’s left to do is to submit your audio and artwork files to us.

When will my single be released?
After your audio and artwork has been checked and processed by EmuBands, your single will be released. The turnaround times for each store vary, but your single will normally be ready on iTunes within around 48 hours, with other stores taking from around a few days, to a few weeks. If you have selected a release date in the future, your single will become available on the release date, although some retailers (7digital, HMV Digital and Play.com) may make it available for pre-order. You can be kept up-to-date at all stages of the release by emailing your named account manager.

Who will my single be released through?
At EmuBands we distribute to a number of partner stores, including iTunes, Spotify, 7digital, Amazon MP3, Deezer, HMV Digital and many more.

You have the option to opt in to or out of as many stores as you wish.
For a full list of the stores we distribute to, sorted by country, click here.

How much does it cost to release a single?
It costs £24.95 to release a single through EmuBands (which we classify as 1 or 2 tracks). This is a one-off fee – we do not charge storage fees, renewal fees, maintenance fees, takedown fees or even charge for adding your release to new stores in the future!

What happens after my single has been released?
After your single has been released you will receive royalty reports from the retail stores. We publish them to our customers as they become available to us, you can expect to start seeing them 4 -5 weeks after the end of the month.

As you receive royalties these will be displayed in your admin area where you can request for them to be paid to your account at any time.

To get started, just click ‘Join Us Now’ to the right-hand side!

Promoting Your Release
As well as making it available for sale, it is important to maximise your release’s sales potential by promoting it.

8digital provide can help you create and manage PR and promotion for your release, and we have even negotiated a 15% discount on their prices if you are an EmuBands artist or label.

Utilising social media is a great way to promote your release, for example sharing the release and any playlist it may appear on via Facebook and Twitter. Inner Ear and NS Design both provide consultancy and training on utilising social media to its potential.
Getting your song played on the radio is also a great way of promoting your release. BBC Introducing have some good advice on how to go about doing this – click here to read their advice guide.

Registering Your Release With Collection Societies
Each time your song is played on the radio, downloaded or streamed online, or played in public, you are due extra money from PRS for Music (if you wrote, or co-wrote the song), but you have to be a member of PRS for Music and have registered the song with them in order to claim this money. We recently interviewed Stuart Fleming from PRS for Music who gave more information on what they do – click here to see the interview.

In addition to this, if a recording that you performed on is played in public you could also be due extra money via PPL; again, you need to be a member and have registered your recording(s) with them to claim the money – click here to view more information on joining PPL.

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Why use EmuBands?

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  • 24/7 access to royalties
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  • Free ongoing support

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