Off The Record, Edinburgh – 2nd July

Off The Record returns this Saturday, 2nd July at Out Of The Blue Drill Hall, Edinburgh. The events, for young musicians and those who want to work in the industry, are open to anyone aged 14-25 and it costs only £2 to attend. Included in this price is lunch and a £24.95 voucher for distribution through EmuBands.

Off The Record

Organising and Getting Gigs
Find out what promoters look for, how to organise your own gig and how to avoid losing lots of money.
James Bruce (promoter, PCL Presents), Michael Lambert (artist manager, A Modern Way), Nicky Carder (promoter, Beyond Presents)

Promoting Your Music
How to get noticed by radio, press and future fans.
Amy Ferguson (producer, BBC Radio Scotland), Craig Gornall (blogger, Alive and Amplified)

Releasing Music
Learn how a record label works, and how to release and sell your music.
Martyn Flyn (Lucky Me), Ally Gray (EmuBands)

Working in Music
A look at the diverse job opportunities in music and how to get your foor in the door.
Chris Beltran (A&R Scout, Atlantic Records & booker, DF Concerts), Stina Tweeddale (musician, Honeyblood)

*Off The Record is not open to anyone over 25. However, they run other events open to all ages. Visit for more info.

For further information and tickets, please visit

POSTED: Tuesday 28th June 2016

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