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Spotify Artists is run by Spotify’s Artist Services team, full of guides and resources to help get the most out of having your music on Spotify. It is an excellent tool for artists and record labels who have their music on the platform.

You can track the performance of your tracks through ‘Spotify Fan Insights’, a new analytics service. On the dashboard you can view your best performing tracks, whilst learning how fans from around the world are discovering and listening to your music. This data is useful for running promotional campaigns, choosing your next single and even helping you to determine where to book a tour. If you’re an artist or manager, you can request access to ‘Spotify Fan Insights’ here. It can take a few weeks for your request to be approved.

As well as tracking the performance of your tracks, you can use ‘Spotify Fan Insights’ to upload new images to your Spotify artist page. It’s important to choose the right image so that listeners can get an idea of who you are. Here’s a link to Spotify’s tips on ‘What Makes an Excellent Artist Image’.

Another feature is ‘Artist’s Pick’ – this allows you to choose a track, album or playlist and feature it at the top of your artist page. Here’s Spotify’s blog on ‘Artist’s Pick’.

Once you reach 250 followers, you can become a verified artist. You’ll be able to use your Spotify account to create and post artist playlists. You can learn more about verification, and how to apply, here.

To help you promote your tours, Spotify have teamed up with Ticketmaster & Songkick to feature tour dates on your artist page. As well as this, your followers and frequent listeners will be notified if you are playing a gig near them via email and within the Spotify app. To get your gig dates listed on Songkick, create a account with Tourbox to manage your shows.

It is also possible to sell merch on Spotify to fans around the world using Merchbar. Once your merch is listed, products will automatically populate on your Spotify artist page.

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Blog Author: Emma Bryceland | Artist Relations, EmuBands
POSTED: 26th January 2017

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