A Guide To Artwork For Your Digital Release

The aim of this blog is to help you prepare your artwork for distribution; there are several guidelines on what can and can’t be contained within your artwork.

This guide only refers to the standard ‘front-cover’ artwork that accompanies each release. If you’d like more information on digital booklets for releases on iTunes, please visit our advice blog on iTunes Digital Booklets.

The basic requirements for artwork are:

• JPEG Format
• 3000×3000 Pixels
• 300dpi
• RGB Colour Mode

However, as well as this, there are several other issues to be addressed:

File Quality

The images must not be blurry, pixelated, or have any general quality issues.

URLs / Contact Information

You must not put any website addresses or contact details on your artwork – NB this includes your own website, any of your social media URLs, or any e-mail addresses or phone numbers.

Digital Service Names

You must not put the name or logo of any specific music service, for example iTunes or Spotify, or use the word ‘Exclusive’, without prior consent.

Reference to Format

References to the release being either a digital product, physical product (e.g. ‘CD’ or ‘DVD’) or mention of any ‘bricks and mortar’ retailer names is not allowed.

Pricing Information

You must not put any pricing information on the artwork, which includes the phrase ‘For Promotional Use’.

Time Sensitive Information

You must not include any time sensitive information on your artwork ie. ‘New’, ‘Latest Release’.

Pornography / Offensive Material

Your artwork must not contain any pornographic or offensive imagery.


You must not use the artwork to up-sell another product.


The artwork must not be misleading, for example by referencing an artist that does not appear on the release.


The artist name and release title displayed on your artwork must match the release metadata exactly, and must not include any additional information that is not required to identify the content on stores.

Nazi Symbolism

The art must not contain Nazi symbolism restricted by the Strafgesetzbuch section 86a, if the content is visible in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

We hope that this guide will be a useful reference point when creating your artwork file, but, as always, we remain available to help with any issues or questions you may have – please feel free to contact us.

Blog Author: | Content & Label Relations Manager, EmuBands
POSTED: Wednesday 31st July 2013

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