As well as distributing your music to World-leading digital services like iTunes, Spotify and Amazon MP3, we also have a range of additional services available to help you maximise your release.

Video Distribution & Mixed Media Bundles
Distribute Videos to iTunesSell your music video on iTunes. For £49.95, we will distribute your music video to iTunes (additional charges apply for HD videos). To do this, just select ‘Video’ from the ‘Type of Release’ menu when adding your release to your account. Alternatively, you can turn your release into a Mixed Media Bundle, and give your fans a greater experience by including a video within the release’s bundle price in store. Just select ‘Mixed Media (Audio & Video)’ from the ‘Type of Release’ menu when adding your release to your account.

Digital Booklets on iTunes
Get a Digital Booklet on iTunesAdd a digital booklet to your release on iTunes, at no additional cost. It is the digital equivalent of the inner/liner notes often included with physical formats, and including a digital booklet as part your release can be great way to make additional content available to your fans i.e. pictures and liner notes. With this feature, each time someone purchases your release the booklet will automatically be included as part of their download, and it’s worth noting that digital booklets can only be made available as an ‘Album Only’ item. This means that the booklet cannot be downloaded individually and will only be made available when purchasing the entire release.

Mastered for iTunes
Mastered for iTunesMusic as the Artist and Sound Engineer Intended. We will distribute your release to iTunes, at no additional cost, in the higher ‘Mastered for iTunes’ specifications – as long as you are able to supply the correct files. Just tick the ‘Mastered for iTunes’ box when adding your release to your account to include this feature. If you don’t have MfiT-ready files, or an iTunes-approved mastering engineer, we have negotiated a discount with Alchemy Mastering.

Audio Mastering
Alchemy MasteringThrough our partners at Alchemy Mastering, we can offer you great prices on high-quality mastering. Mastering gives your recordings the professional edge they need to stand out against the competition, and Alchemy’s track record is second to none – from Jessie J and Rizzle Kicks, to Guns ‘n’ Roses, Paul McCartney and Oasis – over the years they’ve worked with massive artists. From unmastered files, they can supply standard or Mastered for iTunes files, or upgrade standard masters to the higher ‘Mastered for iTunes’ specifications. Just click on the ‘Mastering’ menu item once you have logged in to your account for more information and pricing.

Charts Registrations
Charts RegistrationEmuBands can register your release for inclusion in the Official UK, US, Canadian and Irish charts. To add any of these options, just tick the relevant box when adding your release to your account (at a cost of £10 per territory).

There’s no need to register your release for sales in Spain, as both Spanish charts bodies will automatically track sales of your release – as long as your release meets with their eligibility criteria.

Gracenote Registration
GracenoteGracenote powers music recognition solutions for software, consumer electronics, mobile phones etc. including iTunes, Winamp, Roxio.

This is recommended for releases where you have an accompanying CD release, and costs an additional £10. To register your release with Gracenote simply select this as an option when adding your release.

Shazam Registration
ShazamShazam is a mobile application that recognises music and media playing around you – for example, it can help people identify a song playing on the radio or on TV. Make sure your release is available for music fans to tag and discover, just opt in to Shazam when you add your release to your EmuBands account and we’ll register it with Shazam, free of charge.

Free Trend Reports
You can access your iTunes sales information on a daily basis through the Trends section, rather than waiting for the full monthly royalty report. Presented in graphs as well as tables, you can also download the data to store and analyse offline.

Your Own Label Name
Choose your own record label name for your release – free of charge. This will display as the label name and copyright owner on services (where this information is displayed).

UPCs and ISRCs
Free of charge, we will assign UPCs and ISRCs for your release if you need them. Just leave these fields blank when adding your release, and we’ll automatically assign them for you.

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