We have a range of tools to help you maximise your release.

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Digital Distribution

We supply your music to the world’s leading download stores and streaming services. For a full list of our partners like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon please click here.

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Personal Customer Support

Our expert customer service team have been providing specialist guidance and support to thousands of artists and labels since 2005. Your named EmuBands Account Manager is on hand to help you through the distribution process whenever you need it.

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Instant Spotify for Artists Access

Spotify for Artists is designed to help verified artists & their teams get the most out of Spotify. Claim your profile and get immediate verification through EmuBands.

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Content ID

Manage your catalogue on Content ID platforms for just £10 per year and stay in control with EmuBands. Unlike other distributors, we don’t charge commission on your earnings for YouTube Monetization – you keep 100% – and we don’t force you to monetize if you don’t want to – you can set different policies across each Sound Recording, learn more about this here.

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Set Your Own Release Date & Pre-Order Date

Set your own release date, and pre-order date, as far in advance as you want, for no extra cost. We can also assist with setting up pre-saves on streaming services.

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Professional Mastering

We use renowned industry professionals Alchemy Mastering studios to ensure your tracks sound the best they can be.

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Royalty Pay-out

You can access your royalty information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have no minimum payment thresholds – request payment of your royalties when you want, as often as you want.

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Free Shazam Registration

Shazam is a mobile application that recognises music on radio, TV and other media. A great asset which helps artists get discovered. EmuBands can register your recordings with Shazam free of charge as part of the distribution process.

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Charts Registrations

We can register your release for inclusion in the Official UK, Irish, US and Canadian charts.

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Faster Access to Sales Data

Some services allow us to view daily Trends data. We’ve built this in to all of our EmuBands user accounts, to give you a better idea of how your release is performing. You can even download the data and analyse the report offline.

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Gracenote MusicID CD Registration

If you have an accompanying physical CD release available, we can register this with Gracenote. This means that any time your CD is inserted in a Gracenote powered media player, Gracenote MusicID CD recognises the disc and delivers the correct artist, album and track names, as well as Album Cover Art to the display screen.

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iTunes Digital Booklet Delivery

Add a digital booklet to your release on iTunes, at no additional cost. This is the digital equivalent of the album liner notes and can be great way to make additional content available to your fans.

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Apple Digital Masters

We can distribute Apple Digital Masters (previously known as Mastered for iTunes WAVs) on your behalf. Simply inform your Account Manager that you have Apple Digital Masters before you submit your release, and we’ll help you through the process at no extra cost.

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