Help Musicians is an independent UK charity for professional musicians of all genres, from starting out through to retirement. Help Musicians are music-lovers, who help musicians to thrive, and they’ve been doing that for 100 years.

Help Musicians help at times of crisis, but also at times of opportunity, so the range of help they offer ensures there is something relevant to every musician at different stages of their lives and careers.

Help Musicians have an in-house team of professionals who can find the right solution to help you, offering a broad range of help from physio for an injury, to debt advice and referrals to specialists. You can contact Help Musicans with any concerns about your health, mental or physical: support@​helpmusicians.​org.​uk / 0207 239 9101.

You can learn more about the help they offer within our Health & Wellbeing knowledge base resource.

Because we value music and those who make it, we are collaborating with independent charity Help Musicians to provide a lifetime of support when it’s needed most to our staff and musicians.

You can make a donation to Help Musicians here:

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