Simple Pricing

Just a one-off fee per release, no nasty hidden costs: no ongoing fees, takedown fees, nada.

20% discount available on orders over £100 / €132.50 / $175 - use our new Bulk Discounts tool to place your order

videoNeed music video distribution? We are able to distribute video for a one-off fee of £49.95 / €64.95 / $84.95
chartsus chartsOfficial charts registration (UK, Ireland, USA and Canada) for £10 / €12.95 / $16.95 per territory
chartsGracenote registration for your release for £10 / €12.95 / $16.95

Are we the most cost effective music distributor for you?

Most distributors take a % of your sales revenue, allowing them to charge low up-front fees. While this may seem cost effective in the short term, you can easily rack up £100s in recurring fees over the years. We built the simple calculator below to help you evaluate whether we’re a good fit for you or not.

Expected annual digital sales (# of albums):

Emubands will save you £33.41
How is this calculated?
This calculation is based on having a 12-track album distributed for three years with no optional add-ons on through EmuBands vs. other well-known distributors, and displays the saving against the cheapest competitor. The purpose of this calculation is to highlight that other distributors become more expensive over time and as you sell more, whereas EmuBands charges a one-off flat fee.

There are other distributors that will, like EmuBands, pay 100% of your royalties to you, but EmuBands is the only one that doesn’t charge annual fees. We have calculated that, against these competitors, our prices are cheaper over a two-to-three-year period, once our competitors’ annual fees and charges for distribution to more stores in the future kick in (EmuBands doesn’t charge additional fees per store in the future). Therefore, the longer you have your music on sale, the more money you will save by using EmuBands.