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Content ID

What is Content ID?

Content ID is a system developed by YouTube that enables rights holders to identify usages of their copyrights within videos on the YouTube platform.

EmuBands are pleased to offer our Content ID service to artists & labels – through our service, right holders are able to manage their entire catalogue on Content ID platforms (like YouTube, Facebook & Instagram).

N.B. Facebook have developed a different copyright management service to YouTube’s, but it works in a similar way, and we’re able to offer integrations with both systems.

How does EmuBands’ Content ID service work?

Our Content ID service allows rights holders to take full control over the policies applied to any video containing their sound recordings across the YouTube platform. This means that rather than the blanket approach our competitors take, of forcing ads to run across any video containing your sound recording, we’re able to offer you the freedom to select which Monetization policy to apply.

How much does it cost?

Our Content ID service is available within our Pro subscription tier. If you’re already on our Pro subscription tier, then you can access our Content ID service immediately, at no extra cost.

Our Pro subscription provides you with Professional Tools & Expert Support – including a personal account manager (available via phone, email & live chat), Playlist Pitching, Profile Verification, Advanced Royalty Reporting, Payment Splitting, Content ID & more.

If you’re interested in exploring our subscription tiers, read here: Simple Pricing

We believe that our offering represents great value for money: your entire catalogue of sound recordings can benefit from a true copyright management service (in the sense that we give rights holders full control over their monetization policy) which returns 100% of money your sound recordings earn from monetization back to you.

What is a Monetization policy?

A Monetization Policy is applied to every Sound Recording on the YouTube Content ID system, and it is through telling YouTube which policy to apply for each of your Sound Recordings that we tell them what you want to happen when a video is uploaded to YouTube that contains one or more of your Sound Recordings.

There are three monetization policies available on YouTube:

• Block: the sound recording is not allowed to feature in a user-generated-video
• Track: the sound recording appears in videos, but no ads are served nor revenue generated
• Monetize: ads are served over any video containing the sound recording (exceptions may apply – see here)

Because of our pricing model, we allow you to take full control over how we manage your catalogue on YouTube Content ID. We don’t force you to monetize if you don’t want to. Your costs don’t increase just because your catalogue does. It is a full copyright management service for your entire catalogue, ensuring you keep 100% of the earnings.

But how is this different to your competitors?

Many of our competitors do not offer a copyright management service, they simply offer a monetization service.

Typically, our competitors make money from Content ID by taking a commission from your earnings – meaning that they force you to select the ‘Monetize’ policy and run ads over any videos containing your sound recordings.

In addition to this, some of our competitors charge you an annual fee per release for this service, which is extremely expensive compared to our offering.

Here’s how to add the Content ID upgrade to your account: How do I subscribe to Content ID?

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