24.95 GBP 32.50 EUR 42.50 USD 495 ZAR

1 to 2 Tracks
Lifetime Support
Keep 100% Royalties

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34.95 GBP 44.95 EUR 59.95 USD 695 ZAR

3 to 5 Tracks
Lifetime Support
Keep 100% Royalties

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49.95 GBP 64.95 EUR 84.95 USD 995 ZAR

6 to 20 Tracks
Lifetime Support
Keep 100% Royalties

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Effective, low cost music distribution per release.

Take Advantage of Bulk Discounts and Get 20% Off.

You can save 20% on distribution fees by using our Bulk Discount tool – when you log in to your EmuBands’ account, you’ll see an option to order Bulk Discounts.

Get 20% off orders over £100 / €132.50 / $175 / R2000.

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Low Cost Distribution

EmuBands offer distribution for a simple one-time fee per release. There are no repeat annual subscription charges for digital distribution. Bulk discounts are available to lower your costs even further.

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You Keep 100%

Why pay for every stream? EmuBands deducts no percentage from what you earn, you receive 100% of your royalties.

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No Hidden Costs

Unlike other distributors, we don’t charge for UPCs, ISRCs, or using your own Label Name – all of these are required for distribution, so why pay extra?

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Content ID

Manage your catalogue on Content ID platforms for just £10 per year and stay in control with EmuBands. We don’t charge commission on your earnings for YouTube Monetization – you keep 100% – and we don’t force you to monetize if you don’t want to – you can set different policies across each Sound Recording, learn more about this here.

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Official Charts Registration

We can register your release with the official charts company (UK/Ireland, USA and Canada) for £10 / €12.95 / $16.95 / R195.00 per territory.

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Gracenote MusicID CD Registration

If you have an accompanying physical CD release available, we can register this with Gracenote. This means that any time your CD is inserted in a Gracenote powered media player, Gracenote MusicID CD recognises the disc and delivers the correct artist, album and track names, as well as Album Cover Art to the display screen. EmuBands can register your CD with the Gracenote database for £10 / €12.95 / $16.95 / R195.00 per release.

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Free Shazam Registration

Shazam is a mobile application that recognises music on radio, TV and other media. A great asset which helps artists get discovered. EmuBands can register your recordings with Shazam free of charge as part of the distribution process.