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How do instant gratification tracks work?

When your release is available for pre-order on iTunes, customers can immediately download instant gratification songs during the album’s pre-order period.

Through EmuBands, it’s quick and easy to set up an instant gratification pre-order on iTunes. Not to mention, there’s no extra cost in setting this up.

Selecting a few tracks to be made available for immediate download during your pre-order period on iTunes can be a great way to encourage your fans to commit to pre-ordering your entire EP or Album before its release date.

Remember – all of your pre-orders are counted as the first week of sales when your release date passes, so this can be an ideal situation if you are looking to gain a place in the Charts.

How do I set up instant gratification songs on a pre-order album?

To set up instant gratification songs on your release:

1. When adding your release to the EmuBands dashboard, enter a pre-order date in the ‘Pre-Order Start Date’ field.
2. After you’ve completed the process of adding your release to your EmuBands account, contact your account manager to let them know which tracks you’d like to be made available as instant gratification.

When can I add instant gratification songs or music videos to a pre-order album?

You should ask your account manager to set this up immediately after you have added your release to our system.
You can select a few tracks to be made available as instant gratification tracks, and you can select them to become available for purchase at different dates during your pre-order period.

Do instant gratification songs or music videos have to be cleared for sale in each territory where a pre-order album is offered?

Yes, if an instant gratification track is not cleared for sale in a pre-order territory, the pre-order won’t be available in this territory.

Is there anything else I should know about instant gratification tracks?

We can’t set up instant gratification tracks on 1 or 2 track Singles.

Up to half of the tracks on a release can be instant gratification tracks. If your release has an odd number of tracks, the number of tracks you can have available for immediate purchase should be rounded down to the nearest even number. For example, if you have a 5 track release, only 2 tracks can be made available as instant gratification.

If you would like an instant gratification track to be made available on all other services whilst it is available for purchase on iTunes during your pre-order period, you will need to set up a separate release via your EmuBands account.

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