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In order to pay you, we need invoices from you. This is done via a Self-Billing procedure – therefore, you need to have an active Self-Billing Agreement in place before we will make payments to you.

If you do not have an active Self-Billing Agreement in place, you may see royalties displaying in the ‘Royalties’ section of your EmuBands account, but your Balance Due will not increase to reflect these amounts, nor will you be able to request any payouts.

To complete your self-billing agreement, click on My Account -> Tax & Self-Billing and complete the form. Our team will review and approve your Self-Billing information within a few business days.

Once approved, your first self-billing invoice will be created the next time royalties are reported AFTER you first create your self-billing agreement. This means that your Balance Due will increase the next time we report royalties after your self-billing agreement is approved, it will include all your earnings reported to you in the time your self-billing agreement was inactive. We usually report royalties twice per month.

These agreements need to be renewed every year, and if your circumstances change during the year you can simply create a new agreement.

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