Payment Splitting is an easy and convenient way to tell us how to calculate how much money from each track/release should be allocated to multiple people involved in a release.

The first step is to create a “Pot” for each person/organisation you want to receive money. The second step is to create “Rules”, which specify a percentage of earnings that will be allocated to each Pot. The third and final step is to decide which tracks/releases that Rule will be applied to.

With this feature activated, you can instruct us how to divide your royalties between multiple parties involved in a release or track (for example, between a record company and each individual member of a band, plus any additional contributors such as featuring artists or producers).

Here are some common examples of how you might want to use Payment Splitting:

    Scenario: Four-piece band, split all earnings equally

Set up four pots, and give them each a name – perhaps using the band member’s name. You then set up a rule, add all four pots with the percentages of 25% for each of them. Then, on the final page, assign all releases to the rule. This is a pretty straightforward way of using Payment Splitting.

    Scenario: Label, split earnings 50/50 with Artists

Set up one pot for your Artist, then set up a rule (perhaps named after the Artist). Keep 50% of the earnings assigned to the Main Pot, and give 50% to the Artist’s pot. Then, on the final page, assign that Artist’s releases to this rule. Repeat this for each artist you want to – and you can be as flexible as you want – if an Artist has two contributors, just assign their total 50% however they want this split between them. We can even make the payments directly to their bank account if you like.

Payment Splitting is available to users on our Pro subscription tier. To learn more about the additional benefits of a Pro subscription, click here. You can upgrade at any time within the ‘Subscription’ section of your EmuBands account.

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