Sell your music on iTunes

If you’re wondering how to sell your music on iTunes, EmuBands can help.

iTunes is Apple’s digital music store, which boasts millions of high quality tracks, available at the click of a button from your PC, Tablet or Phone.

Apple Music is a streaming music service that allows you to listen to any song available in the iTunes library – “the greatest collection of music” (Apple). Whether users have purchased music from the iTunes store, ripped it from a CD or downloaded it from elsewhere – it is all stored within their Apple Music library, alongside the tens of millions of tracks already available on the streaming service.

If you’re looking to sell your music on iTunes, or get your songs on Apple Music, EmuBands can help.

We’ve helped thousands of artists get their music on iTunes & Apple Music, for a simple, one-off fee per release. For more information on our prices, and to get started, click here.

To get your music on iTunes/Apple Music, the process couldn’t be simpler:

1. Create Your Account

Sign-Up for an EmuBands account. It’s quick, easy, and free to sign-up.
You’ll be instantly assigned a named account manager, available via phone, e-mail, and live chat to assist you with all aspects of releasing music on iTunes/Apple Music & other digital stores.

2. Add Your Release to Our System

It’s as simple as clicking ‘Add a new Release’, and following the on-screen steps. Add your release information, and upload your audio & artwork.

3. We’ll Process and Distribute Your Release

Our team will process and distribute your release. Usually within the same business day.
As soon as Apple process your release, it’ll be available to stream & purchase. This can be as quick as a few hours.
Learn more about this here – How Long Does It Take?

4. You Get Paid

Every time your music is streamed on Apple Music, or purchased on iTunes, a royalty is generated. EmuBands collects this on your behalf, and pays 100% of it back to you. Unlike other distributors, we’ll never take a percentage from your royalties, and because of our simple, one-time fee per release, you won’t have to pay us every year, just to keep your release on iTunes/Apple Music.

Why EmuBands?

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Simple to Use

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One Time Fee

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Stay In Control

EmuBands is a powerful, yet simple-to-use, low-cost digital music distribution service that allows artists and record labels to get music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and many others.

You won’t pay any renewal charges to keep your music on sale, plus you’ll have ongoing support from your named account manager. Our simple, one-time fee also includes distribution to all retailers we add in the future.

We provide 24/7 access to your royalties, and you can request payment at any time, with no minimum threshold. Select the retail outlets you want your music on, then your release will stay on these outlets until you tell us to remove it – with no take down fees.

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Expert Support

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You Keep 100%

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No Hidden Costs

Our expert customer service team have been providing specialist guidance and support to thousands of artists and labels since 2005.

Why pay for every stream? EmuBands deducts no percentage from what you earn, you receive 100% of your royalties.

Unlike other distributors, we don’t charge for UPCs, ISRCs, or using your own Label Name – all of these are required for distribution, so why pay extra?

Sell Your Music on iTunes / Apple Music. Join EmuBands Today.