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Tired of having to post loads of links to your releases across social media, so that fans who use different streaming services can access it? A Smart Link makes sharing your music with your fans easier.

Why is getting a Smart Link for my release useful?

Rather than having to share multiple URLs for every store / streaming service your music is available on, our Smart Link collates them all and displays them on a simple landing page, meaning you only have to share one URL, and fans will be able to access your music via their preferred service from the landing page.

There’s more advanced options you can ask us to set-up for you, for added marketing power. For example;

– We can add a link to your Official Website, store or mailing list

– We can set up a custom subdomain for the link (for example: onenine.ffm.to/difficultdays

– We can provide you with in-depth analytics, so you can learn a bit more about how fans are accessing your music

Furthermore, if your music isn’t out yet – and is in the pre-release stage, our Smart Links also double-up as pre-save links, meaning if a fan visits the link before your release date, they’ll be given the option to pre-save your release on their streaming service of choice. When your release date hits, the link will become a regular Smart Link, directing any fan who visits it straight to your release on their preferred service.

How do I order a Smart Link?

It’s easy! If you have an EmuBands Plus subscription, then Basic smart links are included as part of your plan. If you have an EmuBands Pro subscription, then both Basic and Pro links are included as part of your plan – the choice is yours! If you only have an EmuBands Basic subscription, then you will need to upgrade your account’s plan first to access Smart links for your releases.

For any existing releases which have been processed by our team, simply go to the ‘Releases’ tab on dashboard.emubands.com, click ‘Edit’ next to your release, then ‘Edit Optional Extras’ – you’ll see the ‘Smart Link / Pre-Save’ option(s) applicable to your account. Click on the type you’d like, and then click ‘Save’ to finish adding it to your release.

For any new releases, you can add a Smart link to your release before you get to the Checkout page – it appears on the ‘Extras’ page, just be sure to add it to your new release at that point.

Our team will get to work on setting up your Smart Link, and will get in touch with you to make sure it is set up just how you’d like. If you have an EmuBands Pro subscription, we will send you a form to fill out with any customisations you wish to add to your link. Keep an eye out for this when we email you to confirm that your release is ready for distribution.

If we do not receive your form response in 5 working days, our team will simply set up a link for your release as best they can, and send it out to you.

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