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What is EmuBands Pro?

EmuBands Pro offers our highest level of service, with professional tools & expert support. Costing just £50 / €60 / $60 per year, it grants you access to all of our additional services and features.

On top of everything included in our Basic plan (e.g. Instant Spotify for Artists Access, the ability to choose your own distribution contracts, set your own release dates, and more) and everything included in our Plus plan (e.g. Official Charts Registration, adding a custom Record Label name, setting custom TikTok start times, pre-save smart links, and more), you gain access to the following powerful tools and services:

  • Named Account Manager
  • Playlist Pitching
  • Royalty Payment Splitting
  • Pro Smart Links
  • YouTube Content ID
  • Apple Digital Masters Submission
  • Profile Verification (TikTok & YouTube OACs)

Let’s take a look at some of these in more detail…


What is a named account manager?

EmuBands Pro subscribers get faster, direct support from a named member of our Artist Relations Team. This means that any questions you might have for us are priortistied and handled first.

In addition to being able to directly email your account manager, you can book online support calls with them to discuss your release plans and any general queries you may have. For example, if you are releasing your music using the Waterfall Release Strategy, you might want to discuss the details of this with your account manager to ensure it all goes smoothly and to plan. Sometimes, it’s just easier to talk with us directly over a call.

Finally, if you have an urgent query which you need resolved as soon as possible, you will be able to access our live chat support service, where our Artist Relations Team can assist you in realtime. You do not need to worry about any urgent requests – our live chat service is available for Pro users Monday through Friday.

What is Playlist Pitching?

If you are wondering how to get your music considered for big editorial playlists, such as New Music Friday on Spotify, then EmuBands can help with this.

EmuBands Pro subscribers get access to our Playlist Pitching service, where we can submit your music to digital platforms including Spotify for playlist consideration. Of course, you can do this yourself via Spotify for Artists, but why not have your music pitched to other platforms as well, maximising its potential to get noticed.  

We can submit your music to e.g. Apple Music and Deezer as well as Spotify for consideration, drawing on years of experience to submit the best possible pitch we can for you. Furthermore, if your release gains some serious traction after going live, we can update stores for you with this information, potentially opening up even more opportunities for your music.

You can find all of the details you need to know on our Playlist Pitching service here.

How does Royalty Payment Splitting work?

EmuBands Pro enables access to Advanced Royalty Reporting via your account dashboard. This gives you greater insight into where and how your royalties are being generated. Not only this, but you will also be able to make use of our Royalty Payment Splitting service. 

Royalty Payment Splitting keeps the administration of any agreed royalty splits between you and e.g. band members, collaborators, etc, simple and easy. For example, you might have a 50/50 split agreed with a track’s co-writer, so you can make sure their half is automatically separated from your own ahead of being paid out. Simple!

You can find all of the details you need to know on our Royalty Payment Splitting service here.

In the future, we’ll be introducing Multi-User Log-in functionality for EmuBands Pro subscribers, so that their collaborators can automatically log-in and request payment of their royalty shares. This means even less administrative work for you as an artist, or record label.

Rather than having to share multiple URLs for every platform your music is available on, a Smart Link displays them altogether in a simple landing page, meaning you only have to share one URL with your fans. They can then easily access your music via their preferred platform.

Furthermore, if your music is not out yet and is in the pre-release stage, Smart Links also function as pre-save links, meaning that if a fan visits the link before your release date, they’ll be given the option to pre-save your release on their streaming service of choice. When your release date hits, the link will become a regular Smart Link, directing any fan who visits it straight to your release on their preferred service.

Our Pro subscription plan allows you to customise your smart links, making the link more powerful. For example, for added marketing power, we can add a link to your official website, store, or mailing list sign-up. Additionally, we can provide you with an in-depth analytics report, so you can learn more about how fans are accessing your music and use this information to inform future release campaigns.

Smart Links are essential and can help generate lots of engagement for your music before it has even become available. It’s a crucial tool you can use to promote your music and our Pro Smart Links go even further. You can find more information on our Smart Links here.

What is YouTube Content ID?

Content ID is a system developed by YouTube that enables rights holders to identify usages of their music within videos on the YouTube platform and monetise them.

Our Content ID service allows EmuBands Pro subscribers full control over the policies applied to any video containing their sound recordings across the YouTube platform. Rather than the blanket approach our competitors take of forcing ads to run across any video containing your sound recording, we give you freedom to select which policy to apply based on what you want for your music.

If you want to manage and monetise any usages of your sound recordings on YouTube, you can do so via the EmuBands YouTube Content ID Service.

How do I join EmuBands Pro?

If you are not already an EmuBands Pro subscriber, then upgrading is simple and easy. You can do so via the ‘Subscription’ section of your account dashboard when signed in. Sign in here.

Keep in mind if you are already subscribed to EmuBands Plus, you only need to pay the difference between your Plus and Pro plan to upgrade again and gain access to all of the above via your account.

It’s that easy. If you have any questions or wish to discuss EmuBands Pro in more detail with our team, please reach out to us via [email protected]

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