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For new releases – just select Facebook / Instagram from the list of available platforms when adding your release to your EmuBands accounts.

For pre-existing releases, simply log in to your EmuBands account:

1. Go to the ‘Releases’ tab
2. Click ‘Edit’ on your release
3. Scroll down to ‘DSPs Selected’, and click ‘Edit DSPs’
4. Click ‘Add’ under Facebook / Instagram
5. Click ‘Submit’

N.B. – in order to get your music onto Facebook/Instagram, you must own/control 100% of the rights in the sound recordings exclusively. This means that if you have partial rights to a sound recording, we cannot distribute this to Facebook/Instagram on your behalf. 

Furthermore, some releases are ineligible for inclusion in Facebook / Instagram – for example, Facebook do not allow some types of recordings (e.g. karaoke, white noise, spoken word etc) to appear on their services. If our team identify your release an ineligible we’ll either be in touch to let you know, or you’ll notice the Facebook/Instagram icon is greyed out on the Dashboard: Why is the Facebook/Instagram icon greyed out?


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