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After we deliver your music to Facebook / Instagram, your music should eventually link through to your artist profile on both platforms through an automated process. 

In some cases, this might not work properly, and your music might end up being linked to another artist’s profile (for example, if they share the same name as you). We can assist you in resolving this – simply get in touch and send us your:

– Facebook Profile URL

– Instagram Profile URL

– ISRCs of your recordings with the issue

If you have an EmuBands Basic or Plus subscription, contact us via the ‘Support’ tab of your account, and a member of our team will reach out. If you have an EmuBands Pro subscription, please contact your account manager and they will be able to assist.

To find the ISRCs for your recordings distributed via EmuBands, log in to your account, click the ‘Releases’ tab, then click ‘View’ underneath any of your releases; you’ll see the ISRCs for the recordings within the Summary view.

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