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You’ll receive an automated email from us when iTunes/Apple Music start processing your release. This email will contain both the iTunes link, and the Apple Music link for your release. You’ll also receive the same for Spotify.

For other services, you can use the search function on their sites/apps to find your music when it is released.

Alternatively, we can generate a Smart Link powered by Feature.FM for you, which will contain URL links to the majority of DSPs we distribute to. In order to get a Smart Link for your releases, you’ll need to be on one of our optional subscription plans; EmuBands Plus, or EmuBands Pro.

To learn more about our subscription plans, go here: Simple Pricing

To upgrade, log in to your EmuBands account, and click on the ‘Subscription’ tab. Once you’ve upgraded, you can add a smart link on to any of your releases; How do I get a Smart Link for my Release?

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