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You’ll receive an automated email from us when iTunes/Apple Music start processing your release. This email will contain both the iTunes link, and the Apple Music link for your release. You’ll also receive the same for Spotify. For other services, we collate the links, and display them within your EmuBands dashboard area.

To obtain the links for your release, simply log in to your EmuBands account:
1. Go to the ‘Releases’ tab
2. Click ‘View’ underneath your release
3. Click ‘Contracts’
4. Click ‘View Info’
5. Click ‘View In Store’

N.B. – the links won’t work until your release date, so it might be best, if you’re just looking to obtain the links, to right-click ‘View In Store’ and click ‘Copy Link’ to save them until your release date. Otherwise you may receive an error trying to view them before the release date.

You should be able to obtain the links for most of the platforms you’ve opted into before your release date, however some services don’t publish the links until your release date passes, so if there is no link logged in your account for a particular store, it means we don’t have the link yet – but this isn’t something to be too concerned about, as it’ll still go live on your chosen release date, provided the services have had enough time to process the release. More information regarding processing times can be accessed here – How Long Does It Take?

As always, if you ever need assistance with this topic, or any aspect of your EmuBands account, simply get in touch with your account manager.

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