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Of the three Monetization Policies you can select to apply to your Sound Recording through our Content ID service, only the ‘Monetize’ policy is royalty bearing. If you have selected ‘Block’ or ‘Track’, no royalties will accrue for usages of your Sound Recording in a third party YouTube video.

When the ‘Monetize’ policy is selected, ads are placed on any YouTube video using your Sound Recording (subject to all other rightsholders claiming the video also selecting the Monetize policy, and the video being eligible for adverts) and you receive a share of the ad revenue generated as a result of this. YouTube will report to EmuBands on a monthly basis, and EmuBands will pay you 100% of the revenue we receive from YouTube for any usages of your Sound Recording.

If you have an EmuBands Pro subscription, you will be able to register your releases with Content ID. If you have an EmuBands Basic or Plus subscription, you can upgrade your account’s plan via the ‘Subscription’ section of your EmuBands account.

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