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  4. My sound recording’s policy is set to monetize, but I don’t want ads to be served on a particular video, what should I do?

When you view your list of potential claims via your EmuBands dashboard, you can select whether you want your pre-selected monetization policy to be applied to that video (known as ‘confirming’ a claim) or whether you just want to leave the video unclaimed and therefore not apply your pre-selected monetization policy (known as ‘releasing’ a claim). Please note, however, that if you release a claim, you will not see updated view counts for it via your EmuBands dashboard.

If you have an EmuBands Pro subscription, you will be able to register your releases with Content ID. If you have an EmuBands Basic or Plus subscription, you can upgrade your account’s plan via the ‘Subscription’ section of your EmuBands account.

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