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If you have added the Content ID upgrade to your account, and instructed EmuBands to apply a policy to a Sound Recording which another distributor is claiming, this will cause a Dispute. When a dispute is raised for a Sound Recording we have distributed to Content ID on your behalf, a member of our Artist Relations team will be in touch with you for more information, and will ask you to confirm you are the exclusive rights-holder of the Sound Recording before we contact the other party who is also claiming the Sound Recording to resolve this / have them release their claim.

Disputes can be time consuming and drawn-out, so if you are aware of any claims currently placed on your Sound Recording by another distributor – for example, if they previously managed your copyrights on Content ID, and you wish to switch to EmuBands – it is important to try to have them rescind their claim before you add your Sound Recordings to the EmuBands Content ID upgrade.

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