Don’t just take our word for it – here are some nice things that people have said about EmuBands:

When managing a globally successful band it is essential to have people and services you can rely on. Ally and his team took care of everything I required for Glasvegas with one of the most streamlined and simplified business models I have encountered.  If you are an artist or a manager and you require a digital commercial presence for your band minus all the complications of distribution, then talk to EmuBands!”
Dean Cunning (677 Media Management / Glasvegas)

EmuBands are a company driven by staff who really give a toss about the music, and the people behind it, spending time and effort to nurture and guide young acts who need it at that crucial stage”
Ally McCrae (BBC Radio 1 / BBC Introducing / Detour)

It’s incredible the service that Emubands are able to offer at the price they charge. Some things about being an independent artist are hard – there’s a lot of admin to wade through when you’d rather be making music. But Emubands take a huge, complicated and vitally important job, and turn into the simplest, quickest, most painless little task. An amazing company.” …
Jon Gomm (Artist)

EmuBands have always provided me with a great, efficient service for past projects. Ally and the team have continued to assist me with further support and helpfully answered any additional questions I’ve had post-release, maintaining a seamless process during the release.”
Scott Kirkwood (Columbia Records, Scottish Scout)

EmuBands has an excellent track record when it comes to supporting artists, managers and labels. Having worked with the company on several projects, I know it is staffed by some of the most competent and professional individuals in the Scottish music industry. EmuBands goes the extra mile to guide people through every imaginable aspect of the digital release process – and more.” …
Olaf Furniss (Founder – Born To Be Wide / Wide Days)

When we were searching for a digital distribution partner for the Speyside Sessions project Glasgow-based EmuBands seemed like the perfect fit. Their small team of professionals welcomed us in to their family and provided excellent guidance as we prepared our album for release day. Whenever we had a question they were quick to respond and cleared up any issues that arose. They treated our album with just as much care as those of us who sang, strummed, drummed, mixed and mastered, and made it possible for us to get this album, born of passion for the music and people of Speyside, in to the hand of fans all over the world.” …
Kevin McKidd (Actor & Director, Grey’s Anatomy)

EmuBands provide such a great service for everyone from the DIY songwriter to the more established bands and record companies. Regular updating of royalties data makes it easy to keep abreast of sales and online streaming worldwide.” …
Ken McCluskey (The Bluebells / Electric Honey Records / Stow College)

EmuBands perfectly blend passion and professionalism to provide a service that I just can’t fault. I didn’t imagine it would be so easy to set up my own label and instantly get into both the Scottish and national charts. In truth it probably wasn’t easy, it’s just EmuBands make it look that way by providing guidance, advice and a very user friendly on-line experience.” …
Steve McKenna (Real Radio)

There’s no messing about with EmuBands – quick, cheap and easy to deal with. I have put out three releases with them so far, with many more due in future. I would recommend them to anyone” …
Colin Keenan (Booking Agent, ATC Live)

The EmuBands team were completely fundamental to the success of both our recent releases. They provided an amazing service, that allowed an up and coming band such as ourselves to be accessible to our fans without the big money backing of a label. Reliable, value for money, effective and willing to go out of their way to return a service above and beyond their cost. Can’t wait for the next release already.” …
Charlie Lindsay (XAVIA)

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Following Spotify’s update to display Composer, Producer & Remixer credits publicly on their service, starting today, we’ve added the ability to add Remixer and Producer credits to all new releases distributed through EmuBands. When adding a release to our system, you can simply add the Remixer and Producer credits for each track, right beside the field where you normally add composer information;   If you have releases distributed through EmuBands […]


Update Your Artist Image on iTunes/Apple Music

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