Pandora is a streaming service owned by Sirius XM Holdings based in Oakland, California, United States. The service carries a focus on recommendations based on the “Music Genome Project” — a means of classifying individual songs by musical traits (Wikipedia). If you’ve ever wondered, ‘How do I get my music on Pandora?’, read on.

There are three tiers to the Pandora platform:
– Ad-supported service (branded as Pandora)
– Limited Interactive service (branded as Pandora Plus)
– On-Demand service (branded as Pandora Premium)

What do I need to know about the differences in tiers?

Pandora and Pandora Plus (along with some playlists and stations on Pandora Premium) are curated by Pandora and therefore we cannot guarantee inclusion on these services. If you opt-in to the Pandora contract within the EmuBands dashboard, your music will appear on the on-demand service, Pandora Premium at a minimum, and may appear on the ad-supported service (Pandora) and the limited interactive service (Pandora Plus) if Pandora’s curatorial team selects your release(s) for inclusion.

Which type of release / audio content isn’t allowed on Pandora?

Certain types of release are not allowed on Pandora, including but not limited to spoken word, non-music audio, karaoke, ringtones, tribute acts and stock music, soundalikes, nature sounds and collections of reissued music where the original recordings are already on the Pandora Service.

How do I get my music on Pandora?

To get your music on Pandora, it couldn’t be easier:

    For existing releases (EmuBands have distributed these previously for you)

You simply need to log in to your EmuBands account, head to the ‘Releases’ tab and click ‘Edit’ beside the release, the scroll to ‘Edit DSPs’; select Pandora from the list, then hit ‘Submit’. Our team will deliver your release to Pandora within 1 business day and you should expect to see it live within a few days.

    For new releases

You simply need to log in or sign-up, once you’ve logged in to the EmuBands Dashboard, click the green ‘Add a New Release’ button and follow the on-screen steps to add your release to our system for distribution. When you get to the Contracts section, be sure to select Pandora from the list. After you complete the step-by-step process of adding your release, our team will process & deliver your release to Pandora within 1 business day and you should expect to see it live within a few days.

Can I prioritise my music being reviewed for inclusion on Pandora’s curated services?

You can prioritise your music for review by Pandora’s curators by submitting your releases via the Independent Artists Submission Tool after EmuBands has delivered your release to Pandora.

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