how to get music on Qobuz

If you’re wondering how to get music on Qobuz, EmuBands can help.

Qobuz is a French digital music store and streaming service, formed in 2008 with over 100 million tracks on its service, and over 240,000 albums in hi-res quality. This is a subscription service, with streaming in hi-res quality available at all levels, and additional subscription tiers allowing download. If you’re looking to get music on Qobuz, EmuBands can help. We’ve helped thousands of artists sell their music online, for a simple, one-off distribution fee per release. For more information on our pricing, and to get started, click here.

If you’re interested in uploading Hi-Res audio files to Qobuz through EmuBands, we recommend this article:
Can I Upload Hi-Res Audio Files?

If you’re an existing EmuBands customer, getting your music on Qobuz is easy and free for your existing releases. Here’s how: How Do I Opt-in to More Stores and What Does It Cost?

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