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Canvas is a feature by Spotify, which allows artists to upload a short looping visual to each track. Fans will see the Canvas loop in place of the album artwork when viewing the track on play mode on their mobile device.

It is uploaded via Spotify for Artists, and can be 3 to 8 seconds long. It is a great way to connect with listeners, and enrich their experience of your music on Spotify. In addition to this, Canvas has shown it consistently helps grow your audience. In recent studies, tracks with Canvas were shared around 145% more on average than those without.

Through Soundbetter – Spotify’s marketplace for creators, producers, writers, & engineers: you can now find designers to create a Canvas for you. https://soundbetter.com/s/spotify-canvas-designers

To learn more about Canvas – requirements, best practices, etc. check the microsite here: canvas.spotify.com

All EmuBands artists can add Canvas to their tracks on Spotify via Spotify for Artists. If you don’t yet have access to Spotify for Artists, we can help you get instant access: How Do I Get Instant Access to Spotify for Artists?.

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