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Once you have logged in to your EmuBands account, just click on ‘Add A New Release’ and follow the on-screen instructions: everything is handled within your online account, and is as easy as filling out the key information on your release. Let’s look at the steps below:

Step 1: Release
On this page, we’ll ask you to provide your release title, artist name, release date, pre-order date (if applicable), record label name (if applicable).

Step 2: Tracks
On this page, we’ll ask you to provide the text-based information for each track on your release: track titles, composer names, lyricists (if applicable), remixers (if applicable), producers (if applicable), and whether any tracks are explicit.

Step 3: Contracts
On this page, you can select which ‘Contracts’ to opt-in to. A contract can represent one DSP, or a number of DSPs. To learn more about each contract, simply click on the logo, and a pop-up box will appear with information on terms, royalty rates, and which DSPs the contract contains. By opting in to a contract, this instructs EmuBands to deliver your release to the DSPs contained within that contract.

Step 4: Extras
On this page, you can add any optional extras to your release, such as Chart Registration, Shazam Registration, Gracenote Registration, etc.

Step 5: Review & Confirm
On this page, you can review all of the information you’ve submitted regarding your release, and make any edits if something doesn’t look right. Once you’re happy with how it all looks, you can click ‘Confirm Details and Proceed to Payment’ – this will lock the release from further editing, so make sure everything looks okay before you press the button.

If you spot something isn’t quite right after you’ve clicked the Confirm button – get in touch with your Account Manager via the ‘Support’ tab of your EmuBands account, and we’ll help with any changes as soon as possible.

Step 6: Payment
On this page, you’ll be asked to make payment for distribution (plus any optional extras, if applicable). You can make payment via Credit/Debit Card (powered by Worldpay), or PayPal. If you have royalties within your EmuBands account, you can use these as a full or partial payment, too.

Step 7: Upload Files
Once you’ve made payment, you’ll be taken to the uploads page, where you can upload your Audio & Artwork files. For more information on uploading your audio or artwork see here:

How Do I Submit My Audio?
What Format Should My Artwork Be In?

Step 8: Finish

Once you’ve confirmed your uploads, our team will begin processing your release for distribution. For more information on how long this takes, click here: How Long Does It Take?

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