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In order to access the YouTube Content ID features, you will need to add the Content ID Upgrade to your account. The subscription costs £10 per year, and means you can manage your entire EmuBands catalogue on Content ID platforms.

The reason we charge separately for Content ID platforms is due to the work involved with the ongoing management of catalogues on these services, which are materially different to regular streaming and download platforms.

Unlike some other distributors, we don’t take any commission from money you earn as a result of YouTube Monetization. We return 100% of this back to you. To clarify, you’re able to manage your entire catalogue of releases across Content ID platforms for just £10 per year.

Because of our pricing model, we allow you to take full control over how we manage your catalogue on YouTube Content ID. We don’t force you to monetize if you don’t want to. You can set different policies across each Sound Recording, learn more about this here: What does “Monetization Policy” mean?

Here’s how to add the Content ID upgrade to your account: How do I subscribe to Content ID?

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