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What is Deezer?
Deezer is a streaming service, with its Premium and Premium+ offerings currently available in 160 countries, and its free streaming service available Worldwide apart from USA and Japan. It has 20 million users, with over 1.3 million of these premium subscribers, and a catalogue of around 18 million songs.

How Does Deezer Work?
Deezer is accessible as either a web application, or through mobile apps on various platforms for smartphones and tablets, such as the iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

Will I Earn Money If I Get My Music on Deezer?
Deezer works on a revenue-sharing model, where artists will receive a royalty every time anyone, anywhere, listens to one of their songs; this is done by sharing the revenue that Deezer receives from advertisers and subscribers. You will get paid every time someone listens to your song through Deezer.

What Are The Main Advantages to Getting My Music on Deezer?
Getting your music on Deezer means you can take advantage of the service’s social sharing features, through Facebook integration. Users can create and share playlists, and recommend tracks to friends, as well as being able to ‘follow’ artists. Deezer also has over 30,000 radio channels, created by editorial staff.

How Can EmuBands Help Me Get My Music On Deezer?
As we are a recommended supplier, you can get your music on Deezer through EmuBands. Just opt-in to the Deezer contract when adding your release to your EmuBands account. We will then distribute your music to Deezer, and, usually within around a week, you will see your songs on Deezer.

What Are The Costs For Getting My Music On Deezer?
With EmuBands’ simple one-off pricing structure, it won’t cost you anything extra to get your music on Deezer – it’s all included in the low, one-off fee that covers all retailers we distribute to – now, and in the future!

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  • 24/7 access to royalties
  • Artist friendly terms
  • Free ongoing support

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