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get music on itunesIf you want to sell your music on iTunes, you’ve come to the right place!
The iTunes music store is the biggest of the music download services. EmuBands have been distributing music to iTunes since 2005.

To get your music on iTunes, you will first need to create an account with EmuBands – just click on the ‘Get Started’ link to the right hand side. Then, once you’re logged in, just click ‘Add New Release’ to register your release with us for distribution. Just make sure to opt in to the iTunes contract when you add your release, and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

Will I Earn Money If I Get My Music on iTunes?
For every sale of your music on iTunes, you will receive a royalty. Also, whenever someone accesses your music through the iTunes Match service, you will also receive a (smaller) royalty. You will earn money if you sell your music on iTunes. To see the exact royalty rates, just click on the iTunes logo on the ‘Add Contracts’ page when you add your release to your EmuBands account.

What Are The Costs For Getting My Music On iTunes?
EmuBands’ simple, low and one-off pricing structure includes distribution to all major digital retailers now, and in the future! Our pricing starts from just £24.95 for a single, and remember – this is a strictly one-off fee – you won’t need to pay an annual fee to keep your music on iTunes, and we will pass on to you 100% of the royalties generated from your sales.

Can I Add Digital Booklets, Pre-Orders and Mastered for iTunes To My Release?
Yes! When you add your release to your EmuBands account, there are various add-ons you can opt-in to free of charge, such as setting up your release for pre-order, including a Digital Booklet with your release, or applying for the ‘Mastered for iTunes’ button for your release (if your tracks are mastered correctly). Just select the relevant option from the ‘Optional Extras’ page when adding your release.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Music on iTunes?
We normally see releases live on iTunes within around 24 to 48 hours of distribution, sometimes faster.

To get started, just create your free, no-obligation account by clicking ‘Join Us Now’ to the right.

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Why use EmuBands?

  • Simple one-off fee
  • Free barcodes & ISRC codes
  • 24/7 access to royalties
  • Artist friendly terms
  • Free ongoing support

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