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To master multiple tracks, simply go through the process as normal (How Do I Get Started With Mastering?) for your first track, and when you get to the check-out page, you’ll see an option to master more:

Click ‘Master Another Track’ and you’ll be taken to the start of the process to master a new track. Repeat this process until you’re ready, and you can pay for & download all of your mastered tracks at once.

EmuBands has integrated with Dolby.io’s Music Mastering APIs to bring our users an instant mastering solution that delivers professional-grade sound. With our easy-to-use mastering tool powered by Dolby.io, music creators and engineers can now create release-ready masters in minutes, no matter their level of experience.

To learn more, click here: Our Instant Mastering Service, powered by Dolby.io®, or alternatively get started with our Instant Mastering service via the ‘Tookit’ section of your EmuBands account.

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