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Once you’ve uploaded your track to our Instant Mastering service powered by Dolby.io, and selected a preview, you’ll be able to pick from 5 different mastering profiles – think of these as pre-sets or mastering styles.

We’ve named them in accordance with the genres we think they’ll work with best, but there are no rules, click between each of them to find the one you think sounds best, regardless of your genre.

Pop – Tight dynamics and ample brightness in the upper frequencies.
Hip Hop – Big bass and sub-bass presence with additional openness in the mid and high frequencies.
Electronic & EDM – Wide dynamics and ample openness in the mids and highs to allow for a wide spectrum of sound.
Rock & Country – Smooth, tight dynamics, and a light lift in the upper frequencies.
Classical – Wide dynamics, and warm full tones for orchestral instruments.

EmuBands has integrated with Dolby.io’s Music Mastering APIs to bring our users an instant mastering solution that delivers professional-grade sound. With our easy-to-use mastering tool powered by Dolby.io, music creators and engineers can now create release-ready masters in minutes, no matter their level of experience.

To learn more, click here: Our Instant Mastering Service, powered by Dolby.io®, or alternatively get started with our Instant Mastering service via the ‘Tookit’ section of your EmuBands account.

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