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Yes! We’d love to welcome you to our artist community. Switching distributor doesn’t have to be difficult.

Whether your distributor charges an annual subscription, or takes a percentage of your royalties in commission, chances are, you’ll save money in the long-term through EmuBands.

We charge a simple, one-time fee for distribution per release, and we’ll report 100% of your royalties back to you. If you are looking for additional benefits and extra features, check out our subscription plans. If you’re thinking of moving to us, here’s some tips to ensure the process is as easy as possible for you:

Make Sure Your Play Counts Transfer!

A question we’re asked a lot; “How do I keep my streams & followers on Spotify?”.

We have a lot of experience in making sure artists & labels give themselves the best chance of their play counts on Spotify transferring over when they move releases from another distributor to EmuBands.

It is important to bear in mind, that whilst track linking is never 100% guaranteed, to give yourself the best chance of linking two versions of a recording, you should ensure that the metadata is as identical as possible. This means that when you are adding your releases to the EmuBands system, you should make sure that the following factors are the exact same as the version released by your previous distributor;

• Track Title
• Version Information (Like ‘Acoustic Version’, ‘Live Version’, etc.)
• Artist Name
• ISRC (What is an ISRC?)
• Audio File – really important

The chances of the track play-counts linking are decreased with each differing piece of data listed above between the two recordings. So, whilst it isn’t a guarantee that the play-counts will transfer, if you make sure that everything listed above matches, then you’re giving yourself the best chance.

Whilst we can get releases live on Spotify within 72 hours, if you’re hoping to transfer play-counts over, we recommend that you add the release to our system at least 1 week before your other distributor takes down their version. Don’t worry about two versions of your release showing up on Spotify during this period – only one of them will show on the Spotify app, but it’ll help with the track-linking process.

Getting Your Old Distributor to Issue Takedowns

After you’ve added new versions of your release(s) to our system, you should ask your old distributor to begin the process of removing any of your releases that you’re choosing to re-distribute through us. This shouldn’t take your distributor any more than a few days to sort out, but every distributor is slightly different, so it is worth checking with them when they expect the releases to come down.

At EmuBands, we can get your music on most digital services within 24-72 hours of it being processed by our team.

For more information on our prices, and to get started, click here.

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