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Our instant mastering service, powered by Dolby.io, is just £10.00 / €12.50 / $12.50 per track, with EmuBands Pro users benefiting from an additional 20% discount.

EmuBands has integrated with Dolby.io’s Music Mastering APIs to bring our users an instant mastering solution that delivers professional-grade sound. With our easy-to-use mastering tool powered by Dolby.io, music creators and engineers can now create release-ready masters in minutes, no matter their level of experience.

To learn more, click here: Our Instant Mastering Service, powered by Dolby.io®, or alternatively get started with our Instant Mastering service via the ‘Tookit’ section of your EmuBands account.

If you’d like to upgrade to Pro to benefit from your 20% discount beforehand, simply head to the ‘Subscription’ tab and upgrade to Pro first: dashboard.emubands.com/subscription

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